About Hannah

I am a photographer and designer living in New Haven, CT.

Photography, a long time hobby,  has become my passion. My background in a variety of art forms, as well as my extensive work in both community organizing and social services, have influenced the unique ways in which I express my creativity, viewpoints, and observations.  My photographs are an objective roadmap, exposing beautiful truths and often realities. 

I am drawn to people in their natural environment. For me, the most captivating images encompass moments of chance, which ignite metaphor. Images that a tell a story and make the viewer ask important questions are the ones I put out into the world. My gentle and assuming nature behind the camera allow me to capture natural moments. This is not to say I am not deliberate and persistent.  My interest in human nature and the human condition, combined with my tendency to closely observe my surroundings, drive my affinity for street photography.

Pivotal street photographer Gary Winogrand said, “Every photograph is a battle of form versus content”; that “Great photography is always on the edge of failure.” With these words in mind, I am constantly moving and clicking. I find that the moments I am able to catch this way intertwine composition and chance. With a constant awareness of my surroundings and a willingness to just keep shooting until the right moment arises has been my art form as much as the finished photograph.